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At Summerfield, keeping our children safe is of paramount importance. We fulfill this duty in the following ways:

 First Aid and Medicines: We have a team of trained first aiders at school. Whenever first aid has been administered to your child, we will inform you at the end of the day.  If an injury is more serious or involves an injury to the head, we will contact you immediately.  Please note we must be able to contact you during the school day.  Please ensure that we hold up to date details for yourself and two other contacts.

We can administer medicines to children, although we require you to complete a sign a permission form.

Health and Safety: Our site-manager, Governors and Headteacher oversee health and safety at Summerfield.  All spaces around the school, key pieces of playground equipment and trips are risk assessed. 

Emergencies:  We hold fire drills at least termly and report the results to the Governing Body.  A lock-down procedure is also in place in the event of an emergency.

Vetting and Inducting Staff: All permanent staff at Drayton Park are fully DBS checked.  This is also true of all agency staff we employ, colleagues from other organisations who work with us at school and our long-term volunteers.  Systems are in place to ensure that contractors and short-term volunteers are always accompanied by school staff during the working day. All recruitment decisions are overseen by a senior member of staff, trained in safer recruitment.  All staff and volunteers undergo a full induction process. All staff are aware of the school's whistle blowing policy and procedures. We understand our role in consulting Milton Keynes’ Designated Officer,  if concerns were to be raised about members of staff. 

All visitors to the school must sign in at the school office and sign out when they leave.  They must wear a visitor's pass whilst on site. We will challenge any unknown adults we see in school.

 Internet Safety: There are strong controls and safety systems on our school computer network.  All internet use by children is overseen by members of staff. Pupils are not allowed to have mobile phones during the school day.  We actively teach children how to be safe online.  We also run e-safety sessions for parents and have worked extensively with our pupils about cyber bullying.You can find out more about internet safety here.

 Child Protection: Protecting our children from abuse is paramount.  We will act on all child protection concerns, including those relating to physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect, children who are missing or in private fostering arrangements, Female Genital Mutilation and radicalisation.

All child protection concerns that emerge in school are recorded and passed onto the designated person for child protection in school.  All staff in school receive safeguarding training annually and a team of senior school managers receive a higher level of training.  All staff are have read the DfE guidance, Part 1 of Keeping Children Safe in Education and Annexe A The designated person for child protection at Drayton Park is the headteacher.

We will always seek advice from Milton Keynes MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) when we have a child protection concern and this may lead to referral.  We actively support a culture in which all concerns are taken seriously and investigated.  We make no assumptions about families based on their ethnicity, culture, faith, social group or our current relationship with them.  We assume child protection concerns can emerge in any community in the school.

We maintain strong relationships with a range of external organisations, including other schools, health service providers and the police.  We work collaboratively on all safeguarding issues.  We run regular events for parents, in which we inform them about our approach to child protection and encourage the whole community to work collaboratively to keep our children safe.

Please find key school policies and procedures below.