Summerfield School


SUMMER (2) 2022

EFYS - song “Oh I do like be beside the seaside" and making an instrument

Year 1 - 'Reflect, Rewind and Replay' (Children will focus on revisiting songs and musical activities already learnt this year whilst also learning new musical language) 

Year 2 - Song- “It’s Spring time again”

Year 3 - Tippet- composition with glockenspiels based on Child of our Time Oratorio

Year 4 - Learning the Ukele

Year 5 - Understanding contrasts in composition, staccato and legato, piano and forte

Year 6 - Learning and Performing the musical 'The Greatest Showman'

We offer Music Lessons with the following instruments:

Guitar, Violin, Clarinet and have just introduced Flute lessons