Summerfield School

Year 1

AUTUMN (1) 2021

Year 1’s  topic this half term has been Antarctic Adventure. The children have learned the names of the 7 continents and 5 oceans. I’m sure most of them have sung the songs at home that have helped them to remember them.

They have compared a hot and cold country and thought about what the weather is like? What animals live there? and what type of clothing they would wear? They have also learned lots of facts about Antarctica. They have really immersed themselves in this topic and impressed all the Year 1 staff with their hard work. 

This half term Year 1 have retold the story of ‘Lost and Found’, written a postcard from Antarctica and written Autumn descriptions. They have all produced some lovely work and worked on improving their handwriting, using capital letters and full stops, finger spaces and noun phrases.

They have all done amazing.

Mrs Barnstaple / Miss Watt

Miss Byrne