Summerfield School

Year 5 



It’s a Wild, Wild World

During this topic the children have learnt about how and where natural disasters (Volcanoes and Earthquakes) occur and the devastation that is caused as a result. They used this knowledge to then create a newspaper article about their own chosen natural disaster. We used our geography skills to investigate the differences between human and physical features. We know that human features are those that are man-made such as buildings, roads and railways.  Physical features are natural such as mountains, rivers and oceans. We brought our news reports to life by using the iPads to record ourselves presenting our stories in groups. This involved each member having a different role – news anchor, eyewitness, interviewer, and cameraman. In our DT lessons, we researched and created buildings that could withstand natural disasters. This involved understanding how the structure and materials that would be used had to be suitable to remain intact. Finally, in our science lessons we investigated forces and water and air resistance. This involved several experiments to understand how objects are impacted by these. One example of an experiment was a parachute where we used different materials cut to different sizes to explore how different materials and different sizes are affected by forces.

Mr Felce

Mrs King / Mrs Mott