Summerfield School

Year 6

SPRING (2) 2022


This half terms topic has been 'Prehistoric Puzzle' in which the children learnt about the changes from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age.  

During the immersion the day, the children enjoyed a walk to Linford wood to build their own shelters and then made their own 'Stone Age' fire on their return to school.  All the children experimented with their cave painting skills and learnt how to start a fire using flint. 

The children began their topic with a trip to Bradwell Abbey where they met a real Stone Age man.  The children looked at various artefacts considering what they told us about this time in history and considered how Stonehenge was built. 

In English, Year 6 enjoyed reading Wolf Brothers by Michelle Pavers and used this as a stimulus for their own writing.  The children wrote some fantastic stories and description developing their use of figurative language.  

In Art, the children produced their own cave paintings on brown paper using chalks.  These were displayed on the class cave.  

By the end of the unit, the children could discuss the big changes that had occurred during this period and relate it to other historical events around the world. 

Mrs Reynolds

Mrs King / Mrs Stuart