Summerfield School

Year 6

SPRING (1) 2022


Topic – Fairtrade!

For our immersion day we played the fairtrade game which involved groups of children trading imaginary cocoa beans and chocolate bars for different prices depending on whether the cocoa was Fairtrade or not.  We also researched lots of different chocolate to inform our Design Technology.  For DT we then designed and made our own chocolate and packaging.  The packaging designed was closely linked to geography.  Having investigated which countries in the world produce Fairtrade products, we then chose a country each to research in depth.  We researched their; food, customs, flag and pastimes.  This information then informed the logo on the packaging.

In science we looked at how living things are classified into different groups.  We learnt all about Carl Linnaeus, the person who created the classification system as well as how to draw our own classification trees. When we were considering the features of different animals and

In English we wrote a discursive text about whether Fairtrade products should always be bought if available, a persuasive vlog about either: What are the benefits of the Fairtrade organisation? Why we should buy local produce or why we should buy Fairtrade products?  One of our texts was the ‘Hero Twins’ – a graphic Mayan myth.  We used this to inspire our own quest narratives.

Using The Core FAIRTRADE Mark - Fairtrade FoundationPowerPoint Guidance

Carl Linnaeus on Behance

Mrs Reynolds

Mrs King / Mrs Stuart