Summerfield School

School Council


Our School Council Aims:

·       Our School Council wants every child to feel safe, happy and enjoy coming to Summerfield School.

·       We want every child to feel confident to share their ideas and for them to be listened to.

·       We want every child to have fun at school and encourage everyone to have a positive attitude towards learning.


The School Council meet several times a month and are currently looking at ways of making the school more environmentally friendly and supporting initiatives such as Children's Mental Health Week (6th - 12th February).

 WhWhy some of our School Councillors wanted to get involved:


"I wanted to be in the School Council because I like new challenges and exploring and also being the voice for others.  I would like to be part of the new changes in school."

"I wanted to be School Councillor because I want to help students achieve their best and make Summerfield School a better place."

"I wanted to be a School Councillor because I am kind and respectful and follow the school rules."

"I wanted to be a School Councillor because I was one last year and because it is fun and I get to share my ideas. I also listen to all adults and respect people."

"I have been selected to the School Council for the first time. I have always been thinking of ways of how to make the school a better place. Now that I have the chance, I will share my ideas."

"I wanted to be a School Councillor because I think that if there is ever a problem I can help solve it and also because I think that I could help change some things."

"I wanted to be on the School Council because I care about our school and I want it to be an enjoyable place for all of us."

Harvest Festival 

On Monday 9th October 2023 we held our Harvest Festival and were collecting food items in support of MK Food Bank. The School Council assisted with the sorting and helping - fantastic job everyone.

FOSS Christmas Thank you

The School Council organised making a card and pictures for the FOSS team to say thank you for everything they have done for the school this year.

The events, fundraising and joy they have brought to the school is very much appreciated by all!


Remembrance Assembly

School Councillors in KS2 worked hard to plan, organise and deliver a whole school assembly for Remembrance, held on Friday 10th November. They worked as a team to ensure that each School Councillor had a part in the assembly.

They were pleased with how respectful the whole school were  when they observed the 2 minutes silence.