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Donna Bellhouse - Chair

Co-opted Governor

Michelle Scott - Deputy Chair

Co-opted Governor

Ian Fraser


Rebecca Daly

Associate Member

Robert Prosser

Associate Member

Daniel Megherlich

Co-opted Governor

Bob Rymarz

Co-opted Governor

Emma Whysall

Co-opted Governor

Emily Webb

Staff Governor

Hayley John

Parent Governor

Afreen Patel

Parent Governor

Femina Rafeek

Parent Governor

Edward Vout

Parent Governor

Lois Edwards


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We have a Full Governing Body meeting once a half term instead of committee meetings. This means we are always quorate and each half term has specific foci. Usually, each half term meeting either discusses finance or teaching and learning and the Headteacher’s Report alternates between a written report and a verbal update. This gives all Governors a sound knowledge of all elements of their role and responsibilities.

Michelle Scott - Deputy Chair

I have been a Governor at Summerfield since 2012, initially as Safeguarding Governor before additionally taking on the role as SEN Governor and, more recently, becoming Deputy Chair.

My Governing roles directly link to my personal experience as a Childminder of 14 years and I have also helped run the local preschool from behind the scenes, now as Chair, for 13 years.

I feel privileged to be able to support Summerfield over the years while watching not only my three children, but also lots of mindees and preschool leavers grow and flourish through their school years here!

Bob Rymarz - Co-opted Governor

Moved to Milton Keynes in July 2014.

Following Mathematics degree at Kent University and PGCE at Kings College London spent 25 years in the RAF in a number of different teaching and administrative roles both in the UK and in Germany.

Retired from RAF in 1996 and then had 18 years as the Director of Finance and Administration in a large secondary school in Basildon (became an Academy) where I was responsible for all support staff, encompassing finance, clerical, HR, maintenance/caretaking, catering and mid-day assistants. Also clerk to the governors.

Retired in 2012 and have families with four teenage grandchildren living in Brackley and Corby.

For four years I was involved with the Governing body at Walton High and would like to continue to to support local education.

Emma Whysall - Co-opted Governor

I am a newly appointed Co-opted Governor at Summerfield School.  

I have worked within education for almost ten years within a support function, and therefore feel I can bring a fair balance of support and challenge.  I have a good understanding of the strategic objectives for a school and appreciate the administration function and business management of the school which can be overlooked.

I am level  7 CIPD qualified in Human Resources and have held the membership for over twenty years.  I am Safer Recruitment trained and have attended Safeguarding training both in an education setting and for other charitable organisations.

I am married and my husband has previously served at my children’s school, as a Governor.  I have two teenage children and a dog.  I enjoy the theatre, cooking and meeting friends and family.

I believe the skills and knowledge I have acquired throughout my professional and personal life will positively contribute to the strategic objectives for Summerfield School.

Edward Vout - Parent Governor

My name is Ed and I am a parent governor. I have two children in the school, Alex who is in Year 5 and Katie who is in Year 2.

I believe that I have the appropriate experiences to be an effective school governor. I have previously been a Maths teacher in a secondary school, so I know about how the education system works and the challenges that people face.

For the last 15 years I have worked at Network Rail (which is located about half a mile from the school) in various roles including and Finance and data analysis.

I believe in a school where all children will be given the opportunity to achieve to their highest ability.

Away from work my hobbies include running, badminton and quizzes.

Afreen Patel - Parent Governor

I was elected as a Parent Governor in March 2020 and represent Literacy and creative curriculum on the Governing Board.

Professionally I am well experienced in Project Management, Design, Literacy and STEM subjects.

I believe the skills and knowledge I have acquired can positively contribute to the Governing Board in meeting strategic objectives, ensuring the school is achieving, and striving to exceed. Focused on inclusion and providing rounded opportunity for each pupil, I believe in strengthening the schools links within the community in which I have lived for 20 years. 

I take my role of being a parent governor very positively always listening to parents and ensuring the relationship between parents and the school continues to thrive.