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Online-safety and social media


We know a lot of parents are not sure of the rules regarding most social media sites so we have compiled a list of age restrictions for the most common social media sites.

Please read some of the sites rules as we are sure that parents are unaware of the implications and content that children can be exposed to.

As always with all web access we recommend that parents are present at children’s web access sessions and they are used in a family area.

It is easily possible to put parental controls onto tablets, phones and home web access and both internet service providers and manufacturers of hardware have help pages to achieve this.


My Child's First Device Info        Video Link


Thinkuknow website

Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

Instagram for parents


To Report any online problems to CEOP

Age restrictions for social media platforms


Social Media Platforms

13 years old

Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Pintrest / Google+ / Tumblr / Reddit / Snapchat / TikTok / Bebo

14 years old


16 years old

WhatsApp / Vimeo

17 years old


18 years old (13 with parents permission)

Youtube / Foursquare / Flickr / WeChat


This means no child at primary school should be using these platforms

Snapchat logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNGAlert! Snap Chat - New Meetup Feature - Keep Safe (July 2022)


Virgin Media O2's experts have created a children’s internet safety test to help build awareness for parents and children of all ages to ensure they are better protected online.

E-Safety Links

All of these links and websites have useful information on e-safety for parents and children.


This is a link to a SMART film to stay safe online (


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