Summerfield School

FOSS - Friends of Summerfield School (PTA)

Welcome to FOSS.

We would like to officially introduce our team:

CHAIRPERSON: Zoe who has children in year 4 and year 6

SECRETARY: Laura who has children in year 3 and year 6

TREASURER: Alana who has a child in year 2

Welcome NEWSLETTER - October 2023

APRIL DRAW - Tuesday 30th April 2024 

Congratulations to Mrs Kelly King who won £20

MARCH DRAW - Thursday 28th March 2024 

Congratulations to Mrs Krish who won £21 

FEBRUARY DRAW - Thursday 29th February 2024 

Congratulations to Mr Fraser who won £24.50 

JANUARY DRAW - Wednesday 31st January 2024 

Congratulations to Parents of Aarshik in Bees who won £21 

DECEMBER DRAW - Thursday 21st December 2023 

Congratulations to Marisha in Butterflies who won £26 in the final 50/50 draw of 2023.

NOVEMBER DRAW - Thursday 30th November 2023 

Congratulations Parents of Lilah in Butterflies who won £19

OCTOBER DRAW - Wednesday 2nd November 2023 

Congratulations Parents of Nicolas in Butterflies who won £16

SEPTEMBER DRAW - Monday 25th September 2023 - Congratulations Nelia


FOSS are working very hard on some amazing events for 2024

Please see below for further information:

50:50 CLUB:

Friday 24th May 2024

For those of you who would like to enter and pay £1 in cash, the PTA will be outside collecting money on this day.

You have to be in it, to win it!