Summerfield School

How to become a Governor

Being part of the Summerfield governing body is a rewarding experience. We see the results of our participation in the school reflected in the achievements of the pupils. As a governor you are a member of a team that works collectively for the good of the school.

You do not need teaching experience or any special skills to become a governor, but it is valuable to bring any skills and talents from other areas of your life. You will also develop skills to be an effective governor and attend regular training.

The most important qualities for being a governor are: enthusiasm, commitment, an interest in education, being willing to question, analyse and learn. Most governors are now co-opted (become a governor by invitation).

If you decide you would like to be a governor, do let us know of your interest and we will keep your details and get in touch with you next time a vacancy arises. You can leave your contact details in the school office, or speak to one of the governors if you recognise them from their photo.