Summerfield School

Immersion Day


Year 1 - 'Happy Holidays'

What an amazing immersion day we all had in Year 1, with our virtual flight to Mexico and Mexican food tasting! On arrival, we made our own passports and boarding passes and we're assisted on board by our wonderful guest.....a real member of Virgin Atlantic cabin crew!

We went through safety procedures and enjoyed inflight snacks and drinks, rating these with red and green cards. Once we had arrived in Mexico, we made our own delicious salad. We tore, chopped, sliced, grated, scooped and mixed and then all tucked in!  We can't wait to find out more about Mexico during our 'Happy Holidays' topic.


Year 3 - 'Flying Food Airways'

On Thursday 11th January, Year 3 held their Food Glorious Food Immersion day for their new Topic 'Flying Food Airways'.

Year 4 - 'Who Pays the Price'

On Monday 8th January, Year 4 had their Immersion day for their new Topic 'Who Pays the Price'

They had a great time being introduced to the new topic and reused plastic water bottles to create pencil pots. We used brown and green tissue paper to represent planet earth to show everyone that we need to protect our planet. 

We also went on to do a debate and argue 'for and against' the use of plastic. It was agreed that the use of single use plastic should be banned to stop our sea creatures from dying.


Year 3 - 'What a Saga'

On Wednesday 1st November—Year 3 are embarking on their new Topic called ‘What a Saga’ by researching about the    sagas the Vikings wrote. During the immersion day, the children learnt about the Vikings and the impact they had on Britain. Several of the children dressed up as Viking warriors to immerse themselves in the topic. Children designed and made their own dragon eyes, which they were super proud of.

Year 4 - 'Veni, Vidi, Vici'

On Thursday 2nd November—Year 4 held their Immersion Day for the new Topic, ‘Veni,Vidi, Vici’. They acted out scenes of fighting Gladiators to help the children feel and see what the Romans did for entertainment.


Year 5 - 'Law & Disorder'

On Tuesday 31st October—Year 5 held an Immersion Day for their new Topic, Law & Disorder. They will be looking at crime and punishment in Britain from Roman times up until present day. The children had a great time during the Immersion day solving puzzles, playing Cluedo, having a book look and taking our finger prints.