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Returning in September (COVID-19)


Further information will keep being added to this page. Please keep checking for updates. 


Please see below the answer to questions that parents have asked via the survey or directly and that have not been answered already in the documents published on this page:

"What provision will the school have in place in case a local or national lockdown is initiated again?"

Should there be a spike in cases either nationally or locally in Milton Keynes causing the school to close again, we will be offering work in hard copies to be collected from and delivered back to school. Feedback will be given and children will be given tasks and challenges appropriate to their level of understanding. There will be the opportunity also to access work via Microsoft Teams (we will be setting up and giving training on this for all teaching staff when the school reopens) and  some video calls and assemblies will be shared with children subject to suitable Safeguarding measures being in place for the use of such media.






The Educational Psychology and Inclusion and Intervention Team have created guidance to support children and young people who are returning to school following the COVID-19 pandemic:

 Final Aide-Memoire Tool Reopening Sept 2020.pdfDownload
 Positive Behaviour Policy COVID-19 Addendum 290520.pdfDownload
 Safeguarding and Child Protection COVID-19 Addendum 290520.pdfDownload
 Summerfield Risk Assessment re COVID-19 Full Reopening 170720.pdfDownload
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EHCP children

During the lockdown period, the Inclusion and Intervention team have been working with us to identify the provision in place for pupils with an EHCP. This also includes carrying out a risk assessment. Parents can access this information here.

Please see the below comments from some of our students about their experience being back in school since June...

Shadvi- ‘I feel really good and I am so happy that I can see my friends and teachers. I just wish I could cuddle my teachers but I know I can’t’. 

Casey- ‘I feel great. I like seeing my friends and teachers. We are helping to stay safe by washing our hands lots and using hand sanitiser’. 

Evan M My Mum was worried about me coming back at first but she knows we’re safe so she’s fine now’.

Riley M ‘It’s been really fun!’

Jack D – ‘At first I wasn’t sure what  it would be like, but it’s fine’. 

Etinson It felt nice seeing our friends’. 

Ridhwan – ‘It has been a good experience’


A Year 6 Bubble…

’I feel happy because I can see my friends again’

School has been enjoyable’

‘I am happy to be back at school to prepare for secondary school/next year’

Seeing my friends again has been awesome’

‘I did the same thing at home every day, so coming to school is good’