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Young Voices at OVO Stadium Wembley - Friday 2nd February 2024 

What an amazing day!

On Friday 2nd February, 20 Summerfield pupils travelled to Wembley Arena to perform in the largest Children’s Choir in the world! We were all so excited (including staff) that the journey to Wembley passed by in a flash. We were lucky, there was no rain, so we ate our lunch outside.

Rehearsals started at 2pm and our conductor introduced the band. The stadium is vast and quite awe inspiring. We practised through all our songs and accompanied Natalie Williams, a Jazz Singer and Urban Strides a great Dance Troop. We hung our Summerfield banner with pride.

The concert itself was spectacular. The lights dropped and the arena was lit up with tiny lights held by all the children. We sang our hearts out including a Gospel Medley, a Walking song and a Pop Medley. Our favourite was Matilda.

A young, Nandi Bushell played the drums to bursts of stage fireworks. She was only thirteen but has already played with the Foo Fighters! We cheered and clapped as the show ended and made our way back to our coach.

By the time we arrived home we were grateful to see our adults waiting for us, it was 11.15pm. We all slept well that evening lulled by our happy memories. Thank you Young Voices.




We signed up to Young Voices! (The largest Children’s Choir Concerts in the World)

You can ask your child what song they have been practicing! 

To find out more information you can access the Parents section of the website here:

There is a password which parents can use to unlock the Children’s Music Room so that you have full access to the music resources.

Please use: Parent Passcode 'YV2021'.

MK D.A.D Event - Tuesday 14th July 2022

We were so excited to represent Summerfield School at the opening performance of the Disability and event.

After practising for several weeks, the children truly did us proud with their beautiful voices and actions. Well done!