Summerfield School

Our Vision 

The Best You Can Be; Everyone, Every Day



We never give up and never give in. We use mistakes as a purposeful tool for learning and persist in problem solving.


We are responsible for ourselves, each other and our environment. 


We show respect for everyone. We ask, ‘would we like to be spoken to or about in that way?’ and remind ourselves ‘it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it’.

Our Ethos 

Our job is to give every child the life chances they deserve, no matter what their starting point. We make every second count. It is our intention to develop the whole child, helping them to grow as both lifelong learners and proactive, responsible citizens.  As a school community, we celebrate diversity and use people's experiences and strengths to motivate and stimulate.  We recognise that children and adults perform best when they are nurtured, encouraged and valued. 

Our Value 

Restorative – We work best when part of a community and to do so we need an understanding of how a community works, self-awareness of our responsibilities to that community and shared communications skills.