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Our school policy requires the parent / carer to contact the school office via phone (01908 662585) or using the school email address: no later than 9am each day of school absence.

You will be asked the nature of the absence as this information needs to be recorded.

Please note that for incidences of vomiting / diarrhoea our policy states a 48hr exclusion from the last episode.


Read our attendance policy to find out how we work together to ensure excellent attendance from all pupils —

what we do to reward good attendance and what we do to tackle poor attendance.  Click Here



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Leave of Absence Request 

Headteachers are no longer allowed to authorise requests for children to be taken out of school in term time for holiday. 

If you take a holiday which is not authorised by the school then we may refer the matter to the Local Authority who will consider the issue of a Fixed Penalty Notice.  Summerfield School follows the Local Authorities guidance.

If Parents/Carers take children out of school for a holiday, which results in the child missing 10 or more sessions, (5 school days) a referral may be sent to the Local Authority.  Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) are issued to each parent and are for each child. A FPN is £60 if paid within 21 days, and £120 if paid between 22 and 28 days. If the fine is not paid, parents will be prosecuted in the magistrates’ court. 

The school will follow the guidance as set out in the ‘School Attendance Enforcement Policy in relation to non-school attendance and Code of Conduct for the issue of Fixed Penalty Notices’. 

The school cannot accept any of the following as a reason to authorise an absence: 

Shopping during school hours;

Special occasions, e.g. birthdays;

No uniform, shoes, etc.;



False illnesses;

At home due to family illness.

Children arriving at school after the register has closed (Arriving after 9:20)

Family Holidays

Routine dental appointments

Leave of Absence Request Form

 Appendix A - Leave of Absence application form 2020.pdfDownload
 Attendance challenge Letter May21.pdfDownload
 Attendance policy 2020 Final.pdfDownload
 Holiday letter May21.pdfDownload
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