Summerfield School

Year 6

AUTUMN (1) 2021


Year Six have had a fantastic time during their topic Expeliarmus, focussing on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K Rowling.  The topic kicked off with an immersion day when the children were invited to come dressed as their favourite character.  During the day, potions were made linked to their targets for the coming year and they began to make their own building in Diagon Alley - learning a range of collage techniques and studying famous collage artists to inspire them.

In English the children wrote their own Harry Potter inspired short stories and wrote their own poems based on ‘The Wizard’.  Having designed their own dragons, to produce as a puppet in design technology, they then wrote a non-chronological report.  Their writing captured their imaginations and the Year Six teachers were delighted with the final pieces.   During the sessions on the puppet, the children also learnt about different mechanisms they would use to make their puppet move.

The highlight of the half term for everyone has to have been our fantastic trip to Harry Potter World, managing to turn all the children into huge fans.  The children learnt about how sound is added to the films in the classroom session on ‘The Art of Foley’ and enjoyed the tour around, where we saw props, costumes, sets amongst many other things.   We were also lucky enough for Darren from a local sports club to join us for a day of Quidditch!  The day ended with a fiercely fought tournament in the hall. 

In Geography, the chidlren learnt about 8-point compass directions and 6 figure grid references.  This experience was brought to life with the help from The Parks Trust team who accompanied Year 6 on a trip to Campbell Park.  Their expert knowledge during the day enabled the children to design and make a digital map of our local area. 

Our Science topic this term, was light.  The chidlren built upon their prior knowledge, learning about the refraction and reflection of light as well as carrying out their own shadow investigations.

Mrs Reynolds

Mrs King / Mrs Stuart